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Event Details

2017/01/27 00:00

Organizer Details

Name: Udgam IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, Ind



Website: http://udgam.org.in/

Event Information

Udgam, the IIT Guwahati Entrepreneurship Summit was conceptualized for a single purpose: to inspire people to know what it is like to pursue your dreams as an Entrepreneur, from people who know this perfectly well, and who want everyone else to do the same. This has been the aim for every edition of Udgam and we hope to continue moving towards this goal as relentlessly as possible. From giving you a chance to meet and interact with people who subscribe to our view of going ahead with what you are passionate about, and helping you shed your apprehensions and giving you a first-hand experience of how you should do so through our workshops, Udgam has something for every aspiring entrepreneur.


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