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Tryst 17 Technical fest in IIIT Delhi 2017(other)

Event Details

2017/02/24 00:00

Organizer Details

Name: Abhijeet Jain

Email: trystmarketing17@gmail.com

Phone: 9971756250

Website: http://www.tryst-iitd.com/

Event Information

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Tryst 2017, the annual technical festival of IIT Delhi, which is the largest technical festival in northern India. This year, Tryst is in its 26th edition and will be much bigger and better this time.  


The fest sees a footfall of more than 45,000 across the span of 4 days, with an outreach to more than 650 colleges across India. In a span of 4 days, we organize about 200 events running on all 4 days. The fest has multiple international and national attractions and has seen the likes of Narayan Murthy, Alberto Minetti (IG Nobel Prize, Physics 2013), Marshall Strabala (Architect Shangai Tower & Burj Khalifa). This year, we are all set to go further.


 Considering the above, Tryst 2017 is an ideal platform for Your Company to promote the brand and connect to the youth. Also, it gives the company an ideal opportunity to connect to our vast alumni network which spreads across the ranks of almost all commercial organisations. Apart from this, it gives the company an opportunity to interact with the crowd providing platforms to conduct numerous events through the 4 days.


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