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About us

Festraven is India's First Online Platform where Students and every Indiviual can promote their Events Digitally through social media marketing.
Events include:

  • 1.Functions
  • 2.Seminars
  • 3.Tutorials
  • 4.Workshops
  • 5.Job Fair
  • 6.Eminent Speakers
  • 7.Competitions
  • 8.Day Celebration
  • 9.Cultural Fest
  • 10.Organized Tour
  • 11.Others
Finding difficulty by every individual in making people aware of their Event,
which leads a big question to their organiser title, poor management,poor marketing and from other side Less Participation.
Festraven provides every aspect in:
  • 1.Planning of the event.
  • 2.Organising of the event
  • 3.Marketing of the event
  • 4.More participations.
  • 5.Others,etc.